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At eye level

Who do you talk to in order to get a neutral view, an honest assessment and a new perspective without bias?

These may be questions like the following.

Questions or challenges for which you would like a neutral perspective - at eye level.


Challenges | Business

How do we find our way?

Process sparring


What do I orient myself by?

I am not a theorist.

But over time I have developed some simple tools to respond to challenges. The "Ben model" and the "action funnel" are examples, which I have also documented.

The BEN model

The BEN model

I have developed this model over time so that I can quickly transform my "reality" into my "normality" when faced with different challenges. This model has proven itself in both positive and challenging situations.

The Action Funnel

The Action Funnel

When are you ready to become active and act? Regardless of whether it concerns your own actions or those of an organization - understanding certain mechanisms is essential to achieve successful activation.

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Can I be that sparring partner?

...for professional & private challenges!

What characteristics describe me
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I look back on a fulfilling and educational career as well as extraordinary events in my private life. Experiences as a manager in industry, experiences abroad - China, the USA and the UAE, as the founder of numerous companies, also in the non-profit sector and as the father of a very special child, Ben , have shaped and enriched my life.

I felt like I was on top of the world when I dared to jump into the ice-cold water. I went from a world that was familiar to me to one that was completely unknown. I left behind a lot of things that defined me as a person for decades.

I learned about behaviors and strategies, how we humans act or react in certain situations, or do nothing at all. Certain patterns are very similar, regardless of whether you are dealing with a board member, a Chinese employee or a special child. Often all it takes is a neutral look to untie knots and make barriers disappear.

We are driven by making the best decision for ourselves or our area of responsibility. We are committed to developing ourselves and growing – including through our tasks.

In some situations, you are alone with a decision - usually depending on the situation. That doesn't have to be the case!

My growth path

My Groth Path

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When it comes to many challenges - both private and professional - I can not only contribute my perspective, but also offer possible solutions because I have already experienced these situations and learned from them.

When does it click?

Talk. Discuss. Listen. Bring in other perspectives. Add value. Don't waste time.

​Check the chemistry and go for it - or not. We'll know whether we "click" after the first conversation.

  • Classify professional challenges up to top management.

  • Reflect based on your own experiences.

  • Developing new perspectives together.

  • Encourage people to develop their own normality.

  • Have conversations at eye level.

  • An honest "no" if I can't offer help.

  • Time wasting.

  • Standard solutions.

  • Learned theories.

  • Subjunctives.

  • The prospect of "years of expensive hours to find a solution".

  • Lack of transparency.

  • Psychological or medical help.

How do we find our way?


Thank you for message!


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