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"I always dreamed of working in the car industry - and I'm now in my 22nd year. I've lived in the USA, China, Dubai and Germany; I've travelled around the world in business class, driven a Formula 1 and a NASCAR car myself; I've been able to experience many other Grand Prix's in the Paddock Club in addition to Monaco.

I've dived with sharks, run a marathon, flown around Mount Everest, got married on a beach in Dubai, and in good times earned a nice six-figure sum a year. I've worked for companies like Ford, Audi, and now BMW.

In my own garage I have 9 cars - including a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and an Aston Martin - and several motorcycles. I own a few apartments, my doctor has certified me as being in good health. I have seen over 60 countries, I am living my dream."


"Somewhat later"

"I'm no longer sitting in my large private office on the 14th floor of the BMW four-cylinder with a wonderful view of the city, but at home at my dining table. I feel full of energy and motivation. Let's go!

So what's the framework? Mac from 2015, no desk, not even a mouse. No printer. But haven't I always laughed at people who bought the equipment and the most amazing tools before starting anything?

Doing, not looking for excuses, is the motto now.

For over 20 years, my sharpest weapon was PowerPoint. Concepts, ideas, strategies - the implementation was usually left to others. How difficult can it be to bring everything that you have previously packaged in presentations that are rarely really beautiful to life yourself?

What was my goal again? I want to 'do something'. For a rare disease. Really rare. There is nothing about it. No research, no patient organization, no one who cares about the disease or those affected. All I know is that my son Ben has this syndrome; he is almost blind, his hearing is only 60% and he faces many challenges. And he is happy. Very happy."

8 UK Goodwood 9_edited.jpg

My "Growth Path"

CV Final.png
69 Pogusch.jpg

I actually love everything with two or four wheels.

I also love taking photographs.

Therefore, on these pages you will only find my own pictures and many colors that are in the portfolio of various automobile manufacturers.

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